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Who are we?

BEES Animal Foundation Australia (BAFA) is a not for profit organisation, run exclusively by dedicated volunteers, with improving animal welfare as the main focus. The Foundation seeks to contribute to the conservation and protection of the Asian elephant (elephas maximus), aspiring towards sustainable development and ecotourism. By working together with communities we will also assist in aiding displaced wildlife and local domestic animals.

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  • How can I donate money?

    You can donate by going to www.bafa.org.au or via PayPal fundus@bafa.org.au

  • Can I donate goods instead of giving money?

    BEES are always happy to accept donations in person (the Thai mail system is very unreliable). Items such as medical goods, food for the animals and old clothing or blankets are always welcome.   READ MORE

  • What is BAFA?

    BEES Animal Foundation Australia (BAFA) is a not for profit organisation, run exclusively by dedicated volunteers, with animal welfare as the main focus.   READ MORE

  • What does BAFA do with my personal information?

    Information that you provide to us will enable us to process your request the law permits or for other purposes explained in our Privacy and Security statement.   READ MORE

  • How do I volunteer at BEES?

    Visit the website at http://www.bees-elesanctuary.org   READ MORE


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  • Keeping with the Thai Tradition

    At BEES we work together with mahouts and owners providing alternative incomes to them and their families and giving their elephants a safe place to call home and just be elephants. The captive elephant situation in Thailand is very complex and BEES works tirelessly together with the owners and mahouts to provide education and solutions to long term and short term problems. The elephants in the retirement program join BEES for a long term period, we aim to keep them at ... READ MORE

  • A sense of freedom and tranquillity welcomes you when you visit BEES.

    Freedom is seeing the elephants walking in the jungle and river with no hooks, no basket or human on their backs. However living their daily life with a mahout (elephant carer) who speaks to them with passion and a voice they listen too. The tranquility was knowing that as I cut grass, watermelons, made tamarin balls with salt and massaged coconut oil into the elephants that I was working for them. Giving back and trying to replace the many years of ... READ MORE

  • A day at BEES, video from Tim Beltman


  • Save Mae Kam Fund

    Mae Kam was the first elephant to join the retirement program and in the beginning her owner signed a 1 year contract, Since then her owner has allowed her the freedom to live at BEES until now. The owner is refusing to resign the contract and has given us a month to find the funds needed to secure her freedom, if we don’t she will be returned to the trekking camps. In Thailand trekking elephants are worth the price of ... READ MORE

  • Mae Kam’s 3 Years retirement day at BEES

    A beautiful day!!! Mae Kam’s 3 Years retirement day at BEES and 3 years of elephants at BEES!!!!!!! What a beautiful afternoon we have had celebrating! BEES works tirelessly to find solutions to a very complex problem. We are a community based project that works with mahouts, elephant owners and locals to educate and find alternative solutions to improve the welfare of elephants and animals in the region. It has been an amazing journey so far, we can’t believe it’s 3 ... READ MORE


    Thank to all of guests, MC Pete from 96.5 Family Radio, Jamie Dunn and Agro, Rob and Kelly-Country Rock Duo, Galabid, Nikki – Just Giving and our online bidders for making our fundraising night a great success. As soon as all auction items and sponsorship is paid for we can announce our total for the night. Thank to Emily for coming over from BEES to talk at the dinner and inform us all of past, present and future of BEES. Thank you ... READ MORE